You've been feeling it, right?

That suffocating feeling in your chest. It’s keeping You frozen. Because you think that if you actually start playing and have fun, everything will just fall apart. 

LIFE is calling you forward to play, to have more, to be more. It’s right there just a little bit out of reach.


You’ve tried so many things … new hobbies, new relationships, self-help books, workshops AND still depression keeps coming back and dragging you down.


No matter how much you want to believe it’s possible to be truly happy, you just don’t think there is a point to trying anymore.


So …


You put on a brave face and go about your day like everything is FINE. You watch your friends, family and colleagues truly enjoy life, but feel resentment that it’s not you.


No one knows just how hard it is for you to get out of bed in the morning. If you could, you’d stay under the blankets and never come out.

I totally get how hard this is because I’ve lived it.

If you know me, you know that I've worked hard to create a LIFE that lights me up, but it wasn't so long ago that I lived with a constant undercurrent of depression.

After years of therapy, self-help books, retreats and pushing myself to live new dreams (I’m a massive action-taker), I felt like I was like I was just existing.


Why can't I just be happy with what I've got - like normal people? 

My breakthrough came during a meditation circle and I had a spiritual awakening. I reconnected with my spirit and started to do what my heart wanted.


Alive, connected and happy, my life started to change at lightning speed.

I got a new job, started a business, became a healer and finished a book all within 18 months.

Depression left me as soon as I stopped suppressing my true self.

It's Time to Dream ...

What if you replaced the heaviness on your shoulders with an excitement in your belly that left you excited to get out of bed in the morning

What if you could finally heal the past, let it go and start feeling worthy and deserving of everything you’ve ever wanted? 

What if you could quiet your mind, get clear on what you really wanted and had the courage to start changing your life?

It’s possible.

Wild & Happy is a 6-Week Healing Journey …  

Where a select group of badass men and women will heal their spirits, let go of depression and start creating a LIFE that lights them up.

Here's What's Going to Happen. You're Going to: 

  • Reconnect to you and jump into the playground of your life by opening your heart, getting clear on what you want and giving yourself permission to create it now.
  • ​Ditch the depression that weighs you down. Not by cutting it out, but by healing your past, feeling your feelings and clearing your resistance to a LIFE that lights you up.
  • ​Eliminate the constant need to pretend and give, give, give until you’re exhausted … and start attracting the love and support you need to thrive all while putting yourself first.
  • ​Stop spending all your time and mental energy fixing the past and start using that time and energy to create a life filled with purpose, passion and happiness.
  • ​Radically increase your happiness, creativity and motivation by using mindset tools for everything—for self-healing, clarity, inspiration and MORE.


Do you know those programs that pump you up and make you feel really good, but once you leave, you find yourself “stuck” a couple of days later?

This is not that.


This is a transformational healing journey that will change you at your core.

It’s a combination of healing, mindset and inspired action.

All 3 are required for you to break free from depression and start creating a LIFE that lights you up.

Not only have I walked this journey myself, I have helped others walk that path. I know what it takes.

It’s taught me what to do, what not to do and how to help. I’ve spent years training as a healer and I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the last five years.



Check out what people are saying ... 

“This is truly core level, visceral work. But don’t be afraid, the work is necessary and the healer is gentle.“ -Rachel.

The healings have been so important in addressing the core issues in my life. 3 months later, I’m full of energy, drive and zest for life.” -Wendy.

“You helped bring me back to life. You gave me the tools to overcome my anxiety and helped me find the confidence to stand up for myself. You’re a LIFE changer. Thank you!” -Nathalie

“I was on the brink of depression when I jumped on a call with Nathalie. Everything changed. I started my business the next day and within 2 months I had a full caseload. I’m a true believer in Nathalie’s work.” -Shawniel

“The meditations, questions and healings touched my soul. I came out being more authentic than I ever was… and I started to manifest like crazy - a boyfriend, a new job. I am now playing with life instead of suffering it. “ -Josee

Here’s how the modules break down:

  • Module #1 -  Unleash Your Greatness

    Sure, you keep pushing yourself to live with depression, but life gets so much better once you reconnect to who you really are.

    In this module, you will:

    • Design your alive & happy healing journey to elevate everything in your life. 
    • ​Let go of this idea that you're broken and replace it with knowing that you're loved, whole, worthy and deserving.
    • ​Know the right way to heal your past so it doesn’t get sucked in by endless pain.
    • ​Answer the questions that will determine the results of your healing journey.
  • Module #2 -  Heal Your Past

    Healing your past shouldn’t take ages and it should be like going on a big adventure that is filled with transformation, compassion and empathy.

    In this module, you will:


    • Discover a simple system to find and release past emotional experiences once and for all without having to feel the pain of it all.
    • ​Stop beating yourself up for past failures and discover how to give yourself grace so you can go after what you want.
    • ​Let go of old family obligations that keep you stuck in old roles, repeating patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Module #3 - Release your Shadows

    As much as you want to cut out depression once and for all, the secret is finding a way to have gratitude for it and truly LOVE that part of you .

    In this module, you will:


    • Discover a Depression Be Gone Magic formula where you’ll learn how to make peace with depression and unleash your happiness.
    • ​Let go of family “genetics” and resolve family history that keeps you repeating patterns of depression.
    • ​Clear your energy of other people’s emotions and learn how to be in the world without being bombarded by the pain going on around you.
    • ​Answer the one question that will determine how long you’ll stay in future bouts of depression.
  • Module #4 - Wild & Happy Vision

    It’s not enough to want to create a wild & happy life, you must get clear on what you’re wanting to create or the universe will choose for you.

    In this module, you will:


    • Stop suppressing your heart’s desires and create a vision for your life that fires you up.
    • ​Release the blocks that keep you struggling and receiving just enough, and let yourself feel what it’s like to be supported and to trust the universe.
    • ​Choose and commit to 2-3 goals that make your heart sing.
  • Module #5 - The Dream Journey

    Now that you know what you’re wanting to create in your life, it’s time to get it done by taking the path of least resistance.

    In this module, you will:

    • Discover the Dream Journey Roadmap so you can take an idea and turn it into reality by taking the path of least resistance.
    • ​Get the clarity and confidence you need to take your best next step.
    • ​Create a daily practice that will allow you to get the most support from the universe and fast track your results.
  • Module #6 - Riding the wave

    By now you’ve broken the cycle of depression and you have a plan that lights you up. So this week, we will talk about what to expect moving forward. 

    In this module, you will:


    • Discover the Playing With Life process to bring you back on track when life gets hard and messy again.
    • Get an easy strategy to deal with the “not knowing” what to do when you’re stuck.
    • Renew your commitment to keep moving forward towards a life that you want.

It’s time for your breakthrough.

If you’re skeptical of ANY advertising claims at this point…


I understand.


And I’m not asking you to let your guard down.


Only you can decide what is right for you.


Instead, here’s my offer:


Try the first module and come to the first group healing call.


If you dislike it for ANY reason…


Just let me know within 7-days of module #1 released and I'll issue a refund. 

This isn’t an investment that will last six weeks, it’s an investment in the rest of your life.

It means being more present to your desires, your kids and your relationships.

Just think about what you’ll be teaching them.

You’ll be showing them what’s possible when you step into your power and start creating a LIFE you love.


So yes, Wild & Happy is an investment. And it delivers a life-long return: a life that lights you up and feeds your soul.  


Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room … that nervousness you feel in your belly about being part of a group program.


Just Think ... 

About Nathalie Guerin

Nathalie Guerin is a motivational speaker, author, and Spiritual Empowerment Coach. She has spent the last nine years helping men & women come alive and rise into purpose, passion and happiness. She is the creator of Wild & Happy, a six-week program to help women be done with depression and get on the fast track to creating a LIFE that lights them up. Her favorite saying is, “All dreams are possible, but you have to choose them first.”

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